“iBreathe Again” 10 tracks from Simon Latham ready to remix in a new competition!

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iBreathe – Simon Latham

you then have your chance to choose, download parts and then remix your favourite offering from the album.

We are hoping …


On Saturday 10 March 2012 Sky Agency og FM957 bring to Iceland one of the biggest names DJs ever, DJ Tiësto. Tiesto, aka Tijs Verwest, has played around the world, creating his own global Tiësto branding.

Some of his achievements include a Grammy nomination, numerous MTV awards, playing in the opening of the 2004 Olympics in Athens.
Over 9 million followers on Facebook and over 240 million hits …

new release



Blue Concept

Following his respected remixes for Airport Route “Megaman” (Atli Már Júlíusson) puts forward an EP of his own.

His sound generating and capturing progressive, with a tech backdrop has already gained respect from some big name DJs as well as a feature recently in Future Music Mag.

  1. Everythings Purple
  2. Long Night
  3. Oblivious


The Life and times of a Nightclub: The Opera House


It had been over ten years since I last set foot inside the Opera House in Bournemouth but last week I returned to
the O2 Academy (as it’s now known) for an Imogen Heap show. Stepping back inside brought back a few memories and got
me thinking about this old venue.
Originally opened as The Grand …


The Unchanging Face
of Genre Dance

General News

We often read about success stories in the music industry, magazine after magazines feature long in depth articles about the producers and DJs that signed to the big labels and saw their careers fly out of control. Though this note is about the opposite end of the scale.

Thousand of “bedroom” musicians chase the dream of having a big record or …


Frisky Radio


Since 2001 Frisky Radio have been gifting the world with its dance radio channel and is rapidly growing more respected then ever. Some of the shows feature the most cutting edge progressive house moments and although some more respected channels might mimic this sound very few can replicate.
In fact i often point people to this channel in an educational sense when people are asking …


Ingi on Proton Radio


Ingi, part of our AR music team, will be a guesting artist on Particles with Jay Epoch on the 24th October, in part promoting the forthcoming Particles Fall Edition, on Proton Music where his new track “Cognition” features. Ingi also featured on their Spring Particles back in 2009 with his “Lead me on” tune.
His sound often offering some more …

artist news

Pete Lunn



When and why did you start in genre dance?
When I started out I was writing pop songs but when the big labels started signing dance music in the early 90′s I saw it as a way in. Of course I then began to love the genre and to this day I still get a kick out of making dance music.

Whats your …



A huge welcome to our Airport Route Dance Music Community, hopefully you already know a little about us as a label but from here we hope to add an active community of musicians and music lovers pushing sound to new heights and expressions with the chance to offer your music, your mixes or anything else via our forums.

Of course we also welcome other music lovers and also appreciate you contributing with you opinions …

new release

Shai Du Lak


Versus U / Unequalled

Shai has been part of the label since our very first release as a remixer and now get his very own release in of course his own unique style.

Featuring awesome remixes from Megaman and Metadeko this could shape up to be another nice little pack :)

  1. Versus U (Megaman Remix)
  2. Unequalled (Metadeko Remix)
  3. Versus U (Original)
  4. Unequalled (Original)

new release

Best of Airport Route 2007-2010

ART030 – 1 of 2

Disc 1 – Flightmode

  1. Elysium (Ambiguous Remix)
  2. Trains to Toronto (Original)
  3. Parade of Astronauts (Original)
  4. If you want me (Pete Lunn Version)
  5. No cloud (Original)
  6. Caprica (Original)
  7. Minted (Shai Du Lak Remix)
  8. All the time (Laxa Remix)
  9. Love out of town (Dingle Remix)

new release

Best of Airport Route 2007-2010

ART030 – 2 of 2

Disc 2 – Connected

  1. Broken promises (Original)
  2. Bespoken (Covix Remix)
  3. Baron (Original)
  4. Do you feel it? (Android Cartel Remix)
  5. Penicillin (Kid Mistik Remix)
  6. One word (Eroded Vocoded Mix)
  7. Turn the tide (Mike Traylor Remix)
  8. Click it! (Original)
  9. Sneaky peach (Simon Latham Remix)
  10. Blazer (Original)


Matthew Dunehoo


Don’t Kill Yourself

Olaris steps away from genre label to bring us Matthew Dunehoo – Don’t Kill Yourself.

The original immediately paints a picture of sitting on a US hillside at a festival in the sixties. The sound absorbing an air of easy going band feel, Though the track itself strikes a more album sound then a single it leaves you with a feeling you have heard …


Renaissance: The Mix Collection
Part 4


The birth of progressive house in the UK during the early nineties saw the set of albums from Renaissance although most famously the part one from Sasha & Digweed springs to mind. the progressive enthusiast might be more likely to draw your attention to Part 4, mixed by Dave Seaman Discs 1 & 2 and Ian Ossia Disc 3

Probably out …


Simon Latham & Quano



We welcome you to Airport Route and offer you the chance to download for FREE the re-work of Depeche Modes “Halo” by Simon Latham and Quano.

Mastered by Nagasaki Sound.

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  2. WAV

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