“iBreathe Again” 10 tracks from Simon Latham ready to remix in a new competition!

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iBreathe – Simon Latham

you then have your chance to choose, download parts and then remix your favourite offering from the album.

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new release

Hafdis Huld


Action Man Remixes

Renowned house scene remixer Simon Latham, with help from Lesko and Quano, steps out of the underground to get to grips with acclaimed Icelandic artist Hafdis Huld.
Mastered at Nagasaki Sound

  1. Action Man (Lesko & Latham Remix)
  2. Action Man (Lesko & Latham Radio Edit)
  3. Action Man (Latham & Quano Remix)
  4. Action Man (Latham & Quano Radio Edit)

latest review

Pete Lunn

Classic Review


Pete Lunn and I attempted to conquer the world of dance together right though the nineties and caused more then a stir or two in the process.

Pete ventured out alone on my move across the seas and has since shone as the great dance producer he is, Tea and Sympathy being his biggest solo tune thus far.

The album is …

Airport Route Recordings

Over the years Airport Route Recordings have developed a growing reputation and put forward a number of tunes drawing attention from each release. Now supported by respected DJs they continue to push out their unique music and hope to build new ground on the clubscene.

Airport Route focuses on progressive house but also includes elements of electro, some breaks and some minimal.